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How The Aloha Method Came To Be

the way of aloha Aug 22, 2020

One of my favourite Hawaiian Wisdoms is:

                “Not all Wisdom and Knowledge come from one school.”

For me this statement reflects the love and wisdom I experienced in Hawaii. It speaks of absolute inclusivity of all life, people, beliefs and ways of being. Wisdom and knowledge is shared freely without attachment to self-importance or power.

There is an understanding that the spiritual teachings of life come in many forms and do not belong to anyone, but are available for everyone.There is no room for dogma power play or prejudice. This is what resonates so strongly for me. 

The Way of Aloha embraces diversity and adversity as essential aspects of living evolving and thriving.

 As I understand and live it, The Spirit of Aloha is also about embracing the purpose of paradox and duality. Giving room for everything and everyone that exists, to be. It’s also about kindness, acceptance and love.

Aloha is Love, and as the song goes ‘what the world needs now, is love, sweet love.’ More now than ever before.

My entire life since I was a young girl I have sought to learn and understand myself, life and relationships. I also wanted to understand conflict. Why did it exist? It never made sense to me.

 My seeking nature led me to travel and live abroad in many amazing countries where I explored and was touched by a multitude of traditions, beliefs, religions and spiritual practices. I gleaned the bits and pieces that resonated both in my mind and heart as true, and implemented them to help me navigate life better.

I have also been fascinated with and love studying Psychology, Philosophy, Mythology, Quantum Physics, studies of the brain, Epigenetics and Trauma Therapy alongside my spiritual pursuits.

For me it is very important to be able to ground my spirituality with science and earthly knowledge.. 

I love learning! I have always had an insatiable appetite for learning new ways of perceiving myself and the world I live in.

I approach life with a Sherlock Holmes mind, sleuthing ways to piece information together  so it could be useful in my everyday life to build my understanding and happiness the best I can.

It was in my first Temple Style Lomi Lomi training in Hawaii where I felt completely whole and found within myself for the first time in my life.

Within the Teachings and Wisdoms shared, I found that everything I had gleaned as morsels of truth in my travels and studies, were reflected back to me and suddenly it all fit seamlessly together.

This is when a huge turning point happened in my life, lifting me out of the final layers of pain and trauma patterns that I had been healing for many the years prior, where I had struggled with money and everything really. I can't count how many times I have been penniless! 

When I recognized that I had already been living by the life principles that were presented to me in Hawaii, instinctively and intuitively, my trust and confidence in myself started growing.

My heart has always just known things, but my mind was so full of insecurities and self-doubt that I wasn’t able to completely integrate it all with logic and reason so I could feel confident.

 The Hawaiian Principles I learned helped me bring order and clarity to my mind and healed my heart so that they could integrate and work together rather than opposing each other.

 I remember the moment when a Hawaiian Chant melted my heart open and a floodgate of tears of gratitude flowed so strongly my body shook, as if shaking off what no longer belonged to me so I could embrace what does.

I experienced those feelings again when I started learning the Hula and when I learned how to play the Hawaiian Nose Flute. It was so magical.

 A part of me had tapped into a  recognition of something beyond my minds comprehension. But my heart knew… I had arrived…I was home.

 The Spirit of Aloha is my heart and my home.

Aloha is not just a greeting, some of its deeper meanings are Love, Wisdom, Kindness and Unity. 

Another meaning of Aloha I learned from my Elder is "Come forward, be in harmony and unity with your Real Self, God and Humankind."

That is why Aloha is the perfect name and framework for what my healing work has evolved into.

This is what the Aloha Method offers you: to heal and nourish your real self so you can thrive.

 In 2010 I met my Kahuna Elder who I studied with for several years in Hawaii. One day to my surprise he announced that he was going to initiate me and a small group of other students, into his healing lineage, granting us the honour of becoming a Kumu and Kahu, Teachers and Healers of Hawaiian Healing and Wisdoms. We had no idea that was coming our way. It was a beautiful experience to say the least.

He shared that his vision is to wake up and heal the world out of the Trance of Trauma that we have been caught in, that perpetuates suffering, sadness and violence. Instead the idea is bring  us into a “Trance of Aloha, Love” where no one gets left behind. I love that!

We, his students are now carriers of that light and vision.  I am humbly, gratefully and completely committed to share the bountiful good that has blessed me, now and for as long as I live. That is why I created the Aloha Method.

 “All wisdom and Knowledge do not come from the same school.”

In the work I offer through The Aloha Method program, I bring together everything that I have learned from many schools,  integrating Science, Spirituality, Psychology and Metaphysics, and more, that have helped heal and liberate me from the debilitating effects of trauma that once ruled my life.

 All of it framed and woven together by the Sacred Teachings I have learned from Hawaii and integrated into my everyday life from Hawaii.

 I welcome you to join me on an extraordinarily empowering journey of your mind, heart and soul, where you will learn how to navigate life, particularly the challenges, with greater wisdom, confidence and ease.

 You have more power and capacity to change your life then you realize. It’s time to access and utilize your full potential.

Let the adventure begin!

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