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How The Aloha Method Came To Be

the way of aloha Aug 22, 2020

One of my favourite Hawaiian Wisdoms is:

                “Not all Wisdom and Knowledge come from one school.”

For me this statement reflects the love and wisdom I experienced in Hawaii. It speaks of absolute inclusivity of all life, people, beliefs and ways of being. Wisdom and knowledge is shared freely without attachment to self-importance or power.

There is an understanding that the spiritual teachings of life come in many forms and do not belong to anyone, but are available for everyone.There is no room for dogma power play or prejudice. This is what resonates so strongly for me. 

The Way of Aloha embraces diversity and adversity as essential aspects of living evolving and thriving.

 As I understand and live it, The Spirit of Aloha is also about embracing the purpose of paradox and duality. Giving room for everything and everyone that exists, to be. It’s also about kindness, acceptance and love.

Aloha is...

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