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Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability:

I freely choose to receive guidance and healing treatments from Luannah Victoria Arana with the Aloha Method. I knowingly and voluntarily assume all responsibility for my experience and my choices of how I use and apply the tools, information, healing and help I receive from Luannah. At any moment if I feel discomfort of any kind during the session I will inform Luannah immediately.

I acknowledge that Luannah’s services are not intended to substitute for any medical help or support, but are for the purpose of improving my overall wellness and in the case of coaching, offering me guidance and tools that I can choose to utilize to reduce stress and increase my health happiness and wellbeing.

In choosing to purchase this program and work with Luannah, I agree and  hereby waive, release, indemnify and save harmless Luannah Victoria Arana,  of any and all claims of every kind, injury loss or damage occasioned by use of her services.

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The Aloha Method: 12 Week Live Online Group Coaching Program Offer

Learn The 12 Hawaiian Healing Principles that will give you the Freedom from what you feel blocks your Happiness & Success that you are looking for. 

It's awesome that you are ready to Empower yourself to live the life of your dreams!

Come Learn, Heal and Grow together! In this 12 week program we will be diving deep, with curiosity and playfulness, into the unknown territory of your subconscious with the guidance of the 12 key Healing Principles of Hawaii that changed my life.. and can change yours. We will have a weekly video call plus you will receive a distant group healing session once a week.

We will uncover the beliefs, blocks, pains and held traumas that are restricting your capacity to expand and thrive in your life. My teaching method is very holistic, deep and light at the same time. I like to laugh and incorporate humour where it fits. The beauty of being in a group is seeing ourselves reflected back to us in so many magical and profound ways that creates a sense of belonging and community. We see that we are not so different after all and that we can cheer each other on. You are not alone.

What you'll receive:

  • 1 Weekly 1.5 hour group call for 12 weeks where we will work together exploring the beliefs, patterns and stories that are blocking your fruition of you
  • 1 Weekly  Group Distant Healing Sessions for 12 weeks to help clear blocks that are on an energetic level
  • The life tools you need to live your life in Love, Success and Abundance, you are born with so much more potential and capacity then you realize that you will be able to fully access
  • Plus a surprise BONUS at the end!  A special technique and practice that you will be able to use to clear your path of blocks that inevitably surface as you move forward in your life after this training

The Results:

  • Inner Freedom and Joy
  • Greater Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Self Mastery over your mind and emotions
  • Greater Resilience and Inner strength
  • Reduced Anxiety and Depression creating A happier and more fulfilling life
  • Truly loving yourself more

All of these qualities will amplify your ability to magnetize and and master your life. Once your inner world is in order and you know how to keep it that way, your outer world starts to align to it.



What People Are Saying:

I was blown away by how much shifted for me in just 1 hour of working with Luannah! The Hawaiian Principles she taught me brought so much clarity to my mind and heart. I was concerned that life would overwhelm me again but with the tools she gave me I was able to implement them in my daily life which brought about profound beneficial changes.

Andrea G.

Luannah's work enlightens your body and spirit!


Receiving a healing treatment from Luannah was a deeply moving experience and something far more authentic than any other session I had experienced. It was an eye opening voyage into the true wisdom of Hawaiian Teachings.It was a profound experience enabling healing, integration and transformation within. Her deep sense of caring and authenticity translate to her work, practice and energy. I have experienced Luannah to be a wonderfully rich, joyful, compassionate therapist with purpose and vision

Grace Kim Park

Luannah, both loving and articulate, is a goldmine of healing experience and insights from an array of practices and traditions. When someone is fortunate enough, or wise enough, to find themselves receiving the gifts she offers , the outcome can only be healing and uplifting. Her work is remarkable.


I felt an immediate connection to Luannah and quickly trusted her that I could open up to my most inner feelings and inadequacies without worrying about any judgement. I found the Hawaiian Healing Principles that she introduced me to resonated with my belief system which has caused me to explore that path more. Luannah exhibits a very rare passion and devotion to sharing her gifts.

Corine C.

Luannah is the "real thing'. She brings passion and joy to her work and transmits it wonderfully through her counselling She focuses on the integration of body, mind and spirit. I felt revitalized and with new perspectives on dealing with the stressors in my life. Thank you Luannah!

Hilde C.