$280.00 USD

Waiver of liability:

I have freely chosen to receive guidance and healing treatments from Luannah Victoria Arana through The Aloha Method. I knowingly and voluntarily assume all responsibility for my experience and my choices of how I use and apply the tools, information, healing and help I receive from Luannah. At any moment if I feel discomfort of any kind during the session I will inform Luannah immediately. I acknowledge that my results depend on my commitment and effort to apply the tools that Luannah offers.

I acknowledge that Luannah’s services are not intended to substitute for any medical help or support, but are for the purpose of improving my overall wellness and in the case of coaching, offering me guidance and tools that I can chosse to utilize to reduce stress and increase my health and wellbeing.

In requesting to work with Luannah I agree and  hereby waive, release, indemnify and save harmless Luannah Victoria Arana, The Aloha Method, from all claims of every kind, injury loss or damage occasioned by your use of services.

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Ho'oponopono Healing: Individual Coaching

Heal Trauma and Conflict to end the cycles of depression, anxiety and suffering with Ho'oponopono. Embrace your birthright to be happy, fulfilled and successful.

What you'll gain:

  • Clarity- you will discover and understand the hidden patterns, beliefs and mechanisms buried in your subconscious that resulted from unresolved painful and traumatic experiences that sabotage your best efforts to heal and grow.
  • Confidence- you will learn tools and techniques to masterfully redirect your focus in moments of emotional triggering, so you can successfully emerge stronger and wiser, rather than being torn down by the emotional hijacking that happens when we don't have the tools to navigate our inner stormy waters
  • Courage- to meet any and all challenges you meet in life, knowing you can come through victorious every time, because you have the Knowledge, Strategies and Inner Tools you need to do so.  

Each session is 2 hours long, I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions. The price above is for a single session.

So you can feel free in your process you choose when and how many sessions you would like and pay for them as you go.